SEVIO is the corporate network expansion system that allows the interconnection of multiple networks, making simple and straightforward dialogue among and with all automation devices (PLC, HMI, PC …), regardless of their location: your private network, secure and always available. Any network element can communicate freely through Virtual Private networks (VPNs), without worrying about complex configurations.








SEVIO Router is an industrial router, designed to be installed in electrical cabinets thanks to the DIN rail support, the extended power range, and the robust metallic housing of small dimensions.
The presence of SEVIO Router on the plant does not require changes to the customer’s network configuration: it acts as a common device connected to the Internet. If there is no Internet access point available, you can use a mobile connection via optional modem.

The Firewall provided by SEVIO Router allows to isolate the entire automation network from the customer’s network, preserving security and freeing technicians from expensive configurations, as there is no IP address conflict between the customer’s network and the automation network. Thanks to the transparent IP connectivity, any automation device can be reached remotely. Each SEVIO Router can handle more than 250 simultaneous nodes.

Sevio Portal is the web portal, it does not require any software installation and, after proper registration, allows access to the following operations:
Remote configuration of the installed SEVIO Routers. You can modify the parameters in real time (SEVIO Router online) or by uploading a configuration file to the supplied USB Key (SEVIO Router offline).
Implementation of the number of workstations, by acquiring simultaneous access from multiple control points (PCs, tablets, smartphones).
Management of new users’ access: a colleague can be invited as an administrator, a customer invited with limited credentials can only access specific machinery.

You also do not need any software installation to use the SEVIO system, the control points can be PCs, tablets, smartphones of the most diverse models equipped with any operating system. Access to the remote networks is only allowed for workstations with an Internet connection with the appropriate credentials.
SEVIO is based on a transparent IP connectivity, so the control points can communicate with the remote devices (PLC, HMI, PC, Motion, CN) as if they were connected to the local network, without the installation of specific drivers and without any modification to the automation projects. This feature makes it so that you can integrate the SEVIO system in any network infrastructure, compatible with all the manufacturers on the market.