Sevio System is IEC 62443 - Cyber Security certified.
It is born with the help of networking experts, in a security-oriented environment, as security is deeply integrated into our system design.

The data transfer is done by using VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows to establish a Secure channel to access resources through Internet: the data packets are transported through the public network but are not decipherable without the proper decoding keys, the Internet is only the transit network.
Before a packet is transmitted, it is encrypted and formatted using all the needed features to go through shared and public networks until the destination is reached. Only at this time the packet is decrypted and processed/managed.
Such information may be only decrypted with the dedicated decryption keys, which resides on the communication endpoints. No reserved key will transit through the public network.

Network Security

Sevio system verifies the integrity of the transported information, ensuring its inalterability.

The widely-distributed encryption algorithms used are proven to be safe as they are the same ones tested, guaranteed and widely-used following best-practices on sensitive data management.

Sevio uses standard/non-proprietary VPN protocols, widely distributed, and tested worldwide.


Automatic Update

To let a VPN be safe, continuous and thorough infrastructure and devices maintenance is necessary.

The Sevio system, by implementing automatic updates of remote devices and security certificates, frees-up the customer from any maintenance operation, granting maximum protection while performing all business activities.



The Firewall integrated in the Sevio Router allows to:

Implement Network Segmentation, isolating the installation site network from the automation network, protecting OEM’s know-how (data) and at the same time preserving End-User privacy.

To differentiate operators accessing remote networks for each Sevio router, by implementing a multi-layer User Management design.

To remotely access the entire automation network, only from authorised operators. To let the user freedom to modify, add, or delete access credentials remotely and at any time through Sevio Portal.

To authorize communication between automation devices belonging to different automation networks/sites.

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