SEVIO is the system dedicated to the people operating in the automation world through which you can reach and manage the networks of the remote plants in the same way you would a local network and with the same tools you use every day.

SEVIO is a multipoint VPN solution, therefore each automation device connected to SEVIO Router can communicate with all IP connectivity devices in total transparency. In this scenario, the automation devices of different plants can exchange data, from a SCADA installed in the office you can connect PLCs of distributed installations without any additional software or hardware.

Applications fields

Dedicated to:


  • No initial cost, no fees
  • No multi-operator management cost
  • Less travels
  • Reduction of costs and intervention times
  • Optimization of internal technical resources
  • Provide effective, timely, and responsive support

The Software Programmer

  • No software to install for configuration, no operating system constraints.
  • No software to install for use, access to remote plants even from tablets and smartphones
  • Online with the plant in less than 5 minutes.
  • Remote configuration of SEVIO Router, from the time the plant is completed and shipped.
  • Offline configuration without the help of specialized personnel
  • System installable on existing plants
  • Remote management and configuration of new automation devices installed on existing plants
  • No change to automation software projects
  • No restrictions on simultaneous use by multiple personal control points (PC, tablets, and smartphones)
  • No restriction on simultaneous use by multiple operators with personal credentials
  • Possibility to simultaneously access multiple remote plants and manage them as on a local network
  • Automatic Updates for SEVIO Router

The service

  • Dedicated credentials that allow direct access to remote plants
  • Customer service and real-time plant monitoring, without intermediaries that could give rise to misunderstandings
  • Reduction of resolution time, optimizing the use of internal resources.
  • Targeted travels through remote diagnosis
  • Multi-operator management, which allows the simultaneous resolution of several critical factors from any authorized control point

The installer

  • Practical and fast installation via wired Internet access, Wi-Fi (station mode) or mobile via optional modem
  • Isolation between the automation network and the customer’s network, no conflict between IP addresses, so no modification to the automation devices
  • Local access to the automation devices via Wi-Fi (access point mode), even with closed electrical cabinet
  • Internet connectivity on the automation network (PLC and HMI programming and, at the same time, manual consultation, mail account access, calls with mobile applications)
  • While waiting for the definitive Internet connection, you can connect SEVIO router even to a mobile hotspot

The System Integrator

  • Through SEVIO Portal’s User Management, the System Integrators have access to all remote plants previously authorized by SEVIO Customer.
  • Possibility of accessing multiple SEVIO Customers networks with a single personal account, with no additional software and configurations
  • Cost-free extension with the same privileges on multiple personal control points (PCs, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones)

End user

  • Reduction of production downtime
  • No change to the firewall, no static IP constraint
  • No privacy violations on the corporate network
  • Isolation between installation site network and automation network, no conflict between IP addresses
  • Credentials dedicated to plants monitoring through PCs, tablets, smartphones